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The Porco Dio from CoRo Coffee Roasters in Berkeley, California is described as a drink with a texture somewhere between “ice cream float and chocolate milk.” Yes, please! Using a frozen cold brew rock, espresso, and topped with a coconut cream foam, the Porco Dio sounds like an absolute winner.

We spoke with Christopher Jones of CoRo Coffee Roasters to find out more.

Tell us about your signature drink!

The drink is called “Porco Dio” and on our menu it is simply described as “espresso poured over a cold brew rock and topped with vanilla foam.”

The name and construction are both inspired by one of the chefs I used to work with, named Trevor, at a cafe back in Memphis that was called Porcellino’s. Chef Trevor would have me make him a drink he called “The Belly of the Pig” usually on weekends when our reservations lists were fully booked. Basically he wanted the strongest possible drink that could be made and would have me do stuff like pulling espresso shots until they filled a cappuccino cup. With the “Porco Dio” I tried to elevate this sentiment to a level of decadent luxury. The espresso is immediately chilled by the cold brew rock and as you take your sips the drink is able to stay cold without watering down or perceptibly “becoming weaker.” The vanilla foam, made up of coconut cream and house-made vanilla syrup, enhances the creamy texture of the coffee while subtly sweetening it as well. The texture ends up sitting somewhere between an ice cream float and chocolate milk. It has been a huge hit with the folks who love to come in and work for hours on end.

Who crafted your signature drink?


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What unique ingredients does it contain?

The ingredients are pretty common but how we put them together and present them feels the most unique. Crafting the vanilla foam took a bit of RnD to get the stability and diffusion balanced. Too much fat and it wouldn’t diffuse. Too little fat and it would disappear immediately.

Is your signature drink served in a particular vessel? How did you make this choice?

A rocks glass. The use of the rock definitely dictates the glass. But it is also designed to be sipped slowly like many cocktails served in a rocks glass.

Where is it available?

At the CoRo Coffee Room in Berkeley, California.

How much is it?


How long will it be on the menu?

Until December 23rd, 2022.

Tell us about the Co Ro signature drink program!

The Signature Beverages started at CoRo Coffee Room shortly after I did in the summer of ’21 when things began reopening after lockdown. Honestly, it has been something I have asked every cafe I have worked at if they would be interested in doing. Not everyone is interested mostly because it’s not easy to scale making a series of items fresh from scratch. I just really enjoy the creativity of it and the level of connection it brings between me, my coworkers, and the community.

Anything else you’d like to share about the drink?

It has felt like quite an accomplishment to get the Cold Eye (espresso in a cold brew) drinkers to try something off the specialty menu. And an even bigger one when they come back for another the next day!

Thank you!

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