BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: New Zealand-based Kaffelogic, which splashed into the North American market after raising $416,640 on Indiegogo for its Nano 7 coffee roaster, named green coffee and roasting supplies seller Showroom Coffee in Brooklyn, New York its exclusive U.S. and Mexico distributor.

Designed for both professionals and home roasters in the North American market, the Kaffelogic Nano 7 is a 120v revision of Kaffelogic’s small-batch electric fluid bed roaster, which was first released in New Zealand and Australia in 2019 and Europe in 2020. Following its success on Indiegogo, Kaffelogic quickly grew to thousands of users globally, but, until now, had not entered the U.S. market with a distributor. The Kaffelogic roaster, which is capable of roasting 120g out of the box and up to 150 – 200g with a “Boost” kit, has quickly become a popular choice for coffee professionals as a sample roaster, and has made appearances at the World Barista Championships, such as in Matt Winton’s successful title bid for the Brewers Cup Championship and Martin Shabaya’s 5th Place achievement at WBC in Milan in 2021. Most recently, Carlos Medina perfected his roasts on a Kaffelogic when he took the 2023 title as World Brewers Cup Champion.

On its selection of Showroom Coffee as its newest exclusive distribution partner, Kaffelogic CEO & Director of Sales John Robson stated, “In choosing Showroom, we made a conscious decision to work with a distributor with established U.S. reach across both the commercial and home roasting spaces, and who can bring a dynamic layer of respected green coffee sourcing to the Kaffelogic user base. Their equipment product list also spoke to us; we mesh well with their focus on a selection of products that represents the peak of each market segment.”

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Launched in 2020, Showroom Coffee, the e-commerce subsidiary of Crop to Cup Coffee Importers, curates Crop to Cup’s best imports in small bag formats for micro, nano, and home roasters. Kaffelogic will join Showroom alongside Arc roasters, which Showroom also exclusively distributes through the U.S. and Mexico. Showroom will provide service and support for Kaffelogic’s U.S. customers and, through partnership with Kaffelogic, provide roast profiles for the green coffee sold through its marketplace that can be uploaded to the Nano 7 through the Kaffelogic Studio software.

Crop to Cup and Showroom Coffee Co-Founder and President, Taylor Mork, notes “For several years we’ve held back on offering a home and sample roaster at this price point. With others, if it failed our lab and didn’t become something we use in our own operations or at home, then we couldn’t stand behind it to sell it. We were lucky enough to get one of Kaffelogic’s Indiegogo units and that changed it all—it’s now in use in our quality labs and on coffee sourcing travel. Our mission has always been to build links for those new to specialty coffee growing and roasting. This is the next step in that evolution, and, in our own operation, we’ll create value by sending profiles to our producers, so they can taste their coffees exactly as their customers experience them.”

Showroom will offer free shipping of Kaffelogic units to customers not only in the U.S., but also Mexico, where the company maintains a strong network of producer partners, exporters and other specialty coffee proffesionals. The Kaffelogic will be priced around $1,300 on Showroom. To celebrate the distribution agreement with Kaffelogic, Showroom is offering a discount on the new Kaffelogic Boost kit (which allows larger batch sizes up to 200g) as well as a discount on green coffee. At the time of writing, Kaffelogic units are in stock in the US at Showroom. With heavy demand for the Nano 7 expected, customers late to the launch will go on a waitlist for more inventory expected to ship to customers in November and December.

Launched in 2020, Showroom Coffee, the e-commerce subsidiary of Crop to Cup Coffee Importers,, curates Crop to Cup’s best imports in small bag formats for micro, nano, and home roasters. Crop to Cup Coffee Importers began in 2007, in Uganda, focusing on extending a genuine invitation to specialty, for smallholder farmers who had not previously had access to the North American specialty coffee market.

Since 2007, Crop to Cup has grown to source from hundreds of suppliers across 11 countries. Our work is founded on the idea that specialty coffee is not zero sum, and the community, writ large, needs to invest in quality and capacity at origin. A consistent challenge of smallholder coffee is access to professional + affordable lab equipment. Showroom began with Arc Roaster as a response to this need, Kaffelogic will join Showroom alongside Arc roasters, in an effort to provide lab-tested professional equipment for roasters and suppliers alike.

Showroom coffee showcases the best that’s come of a decade of work with these smallholder growers, as well as our experience using and designing professional lab equipment. At showroom coffee, expect to find our best qualities from unique suppliers hailing from uncommon coffee geographies – and best in class value on lab supplies and equipment.

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