Welcome to another episode of the coffee podcast The Coffee Sprudgecast with hosts Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman. In this episode, Michelman and Carlsen drink Block Party, the new limited-release summer blend from Partners Coffee in Brooklyn, New York, with an incredible packaging collaboration with illustrator Sophie (@soupiestudios).

cornershop coffee 12
Cornershop Coffee In Macclesfield, England

Sandwiched by the new summertime hit single “Build It Out,” Michelman and Carlsen discuss brand-new cafes in the US, Canada, and UK. These cafes are featured in our annual Build-Outs of Coffee seriesโ€”submit your build today! Read more about these beautiful builds in the show notes below.

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This episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast is sponsored by Lelit, Baratza,ย Moccamaster,ย Pacific Barista Series, and Ghirardelli.

Show notes:

A Summer Design Refresh Block Party For Partners Coffee NYC

Build-Outs Of Coffee: Cornershop Coffee In Macclesfield, England

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Build-Outs Of Coffee: Etude Coffee In Bungay, United Kingdom

Build-Outs Of Coffee: Heavy Water Coffee Roasters In Los Angeles, CA

Build-Outs Of Coffee: Routine Coffee Supply In Victoria, BC

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