The stunning New Ground Control coffee brewer is set to ship in early ’24, and we are taking pre-orders on a first-come, first-served basis. Take advantage of our early bird specials and the incredible pre-order pricing, below.

The New Ground Control has all the features you love from our SCA award-winning Cyclops brewer, including batch espresso concentrate for iced lattes and specialty drinks, as well as 8 minute cold brew using up to 40% less coffee than traditional cold brew.

Our new system costs 45% less than the Cyclops brewer ($5,900 with the early bird special vs $10,900 MSRP), and is nearly 1/2 the height. The New Ground Control also brews 30% higher volume on batch espresso and cold brew concentrates, and incorporates five years of refinements and enhancements. And it has real time cold brew capabilities, too — a new approach allows us to switch from hot brewing to cold instantaneously!

The New Ground Control also ships with our new Smart Dispenser. Our proprietary Bluetooth-enabled dispensers track how what you’re brewing, how often, and how much coffee you’re pouring down the drain. All the data is then sent to our all-new Ground Control Cloud.

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Our new waste detection technology allows us to track in real time how much coffee is poured down the drain, allowing cafes to reduce brew volumes during periods when you’re most likely to throw away old coffee. We estimate that a typical cafe pours out about 3 gallons of coffee down the drain each day, and eliminating that translates to about 6,000lbs of carbon waste eliminated each year.

We are running an early bird special through Dec 31st: take $900 off the New Ground Control if you place your deposit down, and get an additional Smart Dispenser ($450 value) at no cost if you pay in full before Oct 31st!

Download The Spec Sheet Here!

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Why Ground Control?

All-in-One Solution
Hot & Iced lattes with batch espresso, 8-minute cold brew (use 40% less!), exquisite batch brew coffee, batch teas and more, all at the touch of a button.

Unbeatable Service
A dedicated support line, troubleshooting resources and an online store for all your parts needs. Our service and support teams ensure maximum uptime.

Ground Control is a Must-Have for Your Business!

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