Sprudgies Season is here but for a few more days. The ongoing vote for finalists at the 14th Annual Sprudgie Awards presented by Pacific Barista Series closes on Sunday, January 8th at 11:59PM.

From a global pool of nominees comes a final list of finalists: eight choices per each category, plus the opportunity to write-in the candidate of your choice.  Please vote using the ballot here, and share this post to encourage your communities to vote. Voting is absolutely free and open to all thanks to our sponsors at Pacific Barista Series. Thank you, Pacific!

Go vote! And read on to learn more about this year’s Sprudgie Award finalists.

Notable Roaster

This award honors a roaster doing exemplary work in 2022. This may include roasted coffee quality, the strength of e-commerce, cafe locations (if applicable), and all other facets of running a successful coffee roaster.

Three Marks Coffee — Barcelona, Spain
Dark Arts Coffee — London, UK
Manhattan Coffee Roasters — Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Puerto Blest Tostadores — Buenos Aires, Argentina
Onyx Coffee Lab — Rogers, Arkansas
Leaves Coffee Roasters — Tokyo, Japan
Momos Coffee — Busan, South Korea
Black & White Coffee Roasters — Raleigh, North Carolina

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Notable Coffee Producer

This award honors outstanding work by a coffee producer.

Rebecca Atienza of Hacienda San Pedro (Puerto Rico)
Roger Dominguez of Finca La Cueva (Honduras)
Benjamin Paz of Beneficio San Vicente (Honduras)
Ana Vizcaino of Finca Esperanza/Two Birds Coffee (Guatemala)
Pranoy and Ajoy Thipaiah of Kerehaklu (India)
Alex Mwangi Kanyingi of Mukurweini, Nyeri (Kenya)
Nestor Lasso of Finca El Diviso (Colombia)
Epiphanie Mukashyaka of BufCafe (Rwanda)

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Best New Product

This award honors a new coffee product released for sale to the public in the year 2022.

La Marzocco Linea Micra Home Espresso Machine
Profitec Pro 400 Home Espresso Machine
Mavam MM Super Auto Espresso Machine
Mahlkönig E80S GBW Grinder
Headstand Coffee Leaf Seltzer
Etkin 8-Cup Coffee Dripper
Orea V3 Coffee Dripper
Ghost Town Oats Plant-Based Milk

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Best Coffee Video/Film

This award honors an original coffee video or film released in the year 2022. This can include feature films, short films, promotional videos or social media clips.

James Hoffmann on YouTube
Lance Hedrick on YouTube
Dan Fellows on YouTube
Kyle Rowsell on YouTube
CxffeeBlack To Africa” by CxffeeBlack
Peak & Wild” by Matthew Algie
Coffee Narratives: Try Hard Coffee” by Robert Gomez and Hailey Polidori
30 Years of Linea Classic” (collected series) by Reagan Petrehn and Josh Littlefield

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Best Coffee Writing

This award celebrates the best coffee writing of the year.

“Decolonizing The History of Coffee” by Jonathan Morris (Standart Magazine, issue 26)

“How a bunch of Starbucks baristas built a labor movement” by Rani Molla (Vox)

Brian’s Coffee Spot by Brian Williams (self-published)

“A Sort-of Glossary Of Coffee Processes” by Christopher Feran (self-published)

“Jaago and Smell the Coffee: Deanonymizing (and Decolonizing) Indian Coffee” by Namisha Parthasarathy (25, issue 17)

Boss Barista by Ashley Rodriguez (Substack)

Mackenzie Batali, Lik Xian Lim, Jiexin Liang, Sara E. Yeager, Juliet Han, Ashley N. Thompson, Jean-Xavier Guinard, and William D. Ristenpart (collected works for UC Davis)

Jenn Chen (collected works)

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Best Coffee Book/Magazine

This award honors an outstanding coffee magazine or print publication release.

Por Trás Da Sua Xícara by Juliana Ganan
How To Make The Best Coffee At Home by James Hoffmann
21st Century Coffee: A Guide by Kenneth Davids
The Physics of Filter Coffee by Jonathan Gagné
Standart Magazine
Solo Magazine
Caffeine Magazine
Coffee People Zine

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Best Social Media

This award honors outstanding work across social media platforms.

@Umeshiso_ by Umeko Motoyoshi
@pichit89 by Arm Pichit
@jimseven by James Hoffmann
@lancehedrick by Lance Hedrick
@morgandrinkscoffee by Morgan Eckroth
@cxffeeblack by Bartholomew Jones and Renata Henderson
@darkartscoffee by Dark Arts Coffee
@roasterkat by Kat Melheim

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Best Coffee Podcast

This award honors outstanding work in the podcast medium.

Coffee Sometimes by Valor Coffee
Drinking Coffee, While Talking Coffee by Jordan Brown
Boss Barista by Ashley Rodriguez
Making Coffee with Lucia Solis by Lucia Solis
Tim Wendelboe Podcast by Tim Wendelboe
Totally Dissolved by Bronwen Serna and Kathie Hilberg
Coffee and Technology by Norbert Niederhauser and Nick Castellano
Adventures In Coffee Podcast by Scott Bentley, Jools Walker, and James Harper

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Best Design/Packaging

This work honors notable design or packaging work in coffee. Nominees may include coffee products, coffee bags, coffee logo or graphic design work, or any other example of outstanding coffee design.

Momos Coffee — Busan, South Korea
Manifesto Coffee — Perth, Scotland
Superlost Coffee Roasters — Brooklyn, NY
Lilo Coffee — Osaka, Japan
Process Coffee — Belfast, Northern Ireland
Littlefoot Coffee — Grandville, Michigan
Dayglow Coffee — Los Angeles, CA
Onyx Coffee Lab — Rogers, Arkansas

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Best New Cafe

This award is presented to a cafe that has opened during the period of eligibility, running from November 1st 2021 to December 1st 2022.

Batch Baby — London, UK
Kawa Coffee Boutique — Paris, France
Coffee Relief — Quito, Ecuador
Persimmon Coffee — Philadelphia, PA
January Coffee — Boulder, CO
Electrica Coffee — Portland, OR
43 Factory Coffee — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Rosslyn Coffee (Tower 42) — London, UK

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Sustainable Cafe

This award is presented to a cafe or coffee company for prioritizing sustainable environmental and industry stewardship. This can include zero waste practices, pursuing a reduced carbon footprint, highlighting sustainable coffees and products, and a commitment to equity and industry leadership.

Coffee Collective — Copenhagen, Denmark
Kiss The Hippo — London, United Kingdom
Cafe Imperfect Omotesando — Tokyo, Japan
3FE — Dublin, Ireland
Into Coffee — Melbourne, Australia
Big Pilot Bar by Center Coffee & IWC — Seoul, South Korea
Daydrink Coffee — Iowa City, Iowa
Parable Coffee — Columbus, Ohio

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Notable Event

This award is presented to a coffee event, festival, conference, or competition.

The 2022 London Coffee Festival
The 2022 Manchester Coffee Festival
The 2022 Specialty Coffee Expo (Boston)
The 2022 Melbourne International Coffee Expo
The 2022 No Filter Coffee Fest
The Color of Coffee Collective Symposium
The Queer Coffee Conference at Fluid Cooperative SF
High Density by The Barista League

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Voting for the 14th Annual Sprudgie Awards presented by Pacific Barista Series closes at 11:59 PM PST on Sunday, January 8th, 2023.

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