Coffee and music. Music and coffee. Two great tastes that taste great together. In the Venn diagram of coffee and music, the juicy center is the most populated. Baristas turned musicians, musicians turned coffee roasters, vinyl cafes, even the coffee collab, the intersection of these two artistic endeavors has many expressions. And the latest chapter in the coffee/music canon comes from Metric Coffee. The Chicago-based roaster has teamed up with post-rock band This Will Destroy You for a special release coffee and a two-day pop-up in Brooklyn, featuring some very special guests.

Part of Metric’s all-new Artist Series, a “collaborative project bridging the gap between sonic landscapes and the physical worlds of music and coffee,” the coffee was selected after multiple cuppings with TWDY guitarist Christopher King. And they are kicking things off with a bang. The coffee for Artist Series 001 is the El Rejo Gesha, a wash processed coffee from Peruvian producer and Origin Coffee Lab owner Jose Rivera. Grown at 1,850 MASL on just a single hectare of Rivera’s farm, the coffee has notes of honeysuckle, blood orange, and tamarind.

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Coming in both 225g whole bean boxes and 12oz cans of snapchilled cold brew, the design features art from the band’s seminal 2007 self-titled album. On pre-order now, boxes retail for $28 and four-packs of cold brew $24. Orders are scheduled to begin shipping out January 8th.

To celebrate the Artist Series launch, Metric will be hosting a two-day pop-up event at Public Records in Brooklyn. Taking place Friday and Saturday, December 29th and 30th, the brand will be serving up free oat milk drinks while King spins records. Joining King in the DJ booth will be Robi Gonzalez of shoegaze/post-punk band A Place to Bury Strangers (Friday) and George Clarke of black metal/post-rock band Deafheaven. It’s going to be loud and atmospheric I guess is when I’m trying to say here.

The pop-up is free to attend, but an RSVP is required, which can be done here and here for Friday and Saturday, respectively.

For more information or to pre-order Artist Series 001, visit Metric Coffee’s official website.

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