Every once in a while, we’re treated to a signature coffee beverage so delicious we need to order two. Such is the case with Stumptown Coffee Roasters‘ seasonal offering, the Pomegranate Latte. The drink is a fruit-forward delight with flavors heightened with oat milk, and when iced, it’s topped with a cherry. “Pomegranate and orange blossom transform our delicious latte into a refreshing and delightful sipper that is wildly reminiscent of a chocolate-y cherry tootsie pop. A little bit of nostalgia as a last taste of Summer,” says Stumptown Coffee’s East Coast Area Manager Dandy Anderson.

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Stumptown’s Pomegranate Latte gets its refreshing fruitiness from pomegranate syrup and orange blossom. A pleasing raisin note is provided by shots of Hairbender espresso blend.

The drink was developed by the team at Stumptown Coffee, with Dandy Anderson assisting in its creation and overall sensory experience. Dandy Anderson is a Sprudge Twenty member and was interviewed by Jordan Michelman on a Classic Episode of The Coffee Sprudgecast.

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The Pomegranate Latte is available at Stumptown Coffee Roasters retail locations now.

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