NEW YORK, NY. November 22, 2023CropConex, the digital green coffee platform, introduces a suite of back-office tools designed to transform the way green coffee is traded and managed. This release comes hand in hand with the launch of a tiered subscription model, aimed at serving green coffee importers and roasters across the United States.

CropConex offers software solutions to bring the green coffee trade online. Earlier this year, the startup unveiled its flagship product, a green coffee marketplace and supply chain management solution, focusing on Ethiopian coffee as their inaugural origin partner.

“We first recognized the imperative to minimize friction and risk within the international coffee trade and developed a digital solution aimed at streamlining the market.” says Brianna Dickey, founder and CEO of CropConex. “Over time, we realized the immense potential in extending the very same tools that have been instrumental in our internal operations to empower our customers. We are thrilled to expand our offerings and support a growing number of businesses as they make the transition from spreadsheets to modern software solutions.”

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An overarching goal of the new features is to reduce the time people spend checking in with spreadsheets, PDFs, and coworkers before being able to provide an accurate update on a coffee’s availability, quality, or location. By uniting all parties within a single system, the platform minimizes paperwork and simplifies information sharing, resulting in a smoother coffee trading experience for all stakeholders.

Highlighted features include:

  • Inventory Management: Seamlessly organize coffee data starting from the original lot, providing accurate visibility into where each coffee is stored as it moves through the sales cycle.
  • Curated Offers: Create a digital catalog of offers to share with clients. Send custom offerings to segmented buyers for consideration, while maintaining up-to-date inventory for internal team visibility and management.
  • Digitized Contracts: Create coffee sales contracts online with easy-to-use templates or upload custom contract terms on to a secure digital storage for each transaction.
  • Order Fulfillment: Create and manage order workflows, upload shipping documents, share status updates, and manage delivery communications, for lots and samples.
  • Sales Performance: Track sales cycle trends to make informed decisions and gain insights to coffee quality and positions at a glance. Grow your business efficiently, analyzing your positions year over year in the fast-evolving world of green coffee trade.

To explore the benefits of the platform, the CropConex team is currently offering customized demos and free trials to importers.

CropConex plans to release additional features and integrations over the next couple of months, making its holistic solutions accessible to more businesses throughout the coffee value chain. For the latest updates and more information, follow along @CropConex.

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About CropConex®
CropConex develops technology to make it easier to manage and trade green coffee online. CropConex facilitates a more robust coffee sales cycle by connecting people and information along each step of the coffee supply chain to add value with software solutions.

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